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ArkBM is a Branding & Marketing firm with a consultancy twist. Our team consists of digital and creative professionals who are committed to building small businesses. Together we are an exclusive group of passionate designers, developers, marketers and business managers. Every client we work with becomes a part of our family. You can count on us to build, manage and scale your business.

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The core of every business is the brand, and at the core of every brand, is a first impression. It is essential to building your brand and creating a solid foundation. That's where we come in, ArkBM will design, develop and build your identity. You can count on us to deliver a lasting impression the first time because, building solid and memorable brands are what we do.

branding done

Logo Design

Attract your target market with a one-of-a- kind logo, business card and presentation that represents and symbols your company. Build consistency and trust  with great business and perception to match.

Web & Social

Make it easy for people to find you online. Keeping your brand consistent over web and social platforms help build trust with potential new customers and clients.


Need business cards, stationary, posters or flyers? We can design everything you need to market your business and keep your brand consistent with quality print ready files you can send to your favorite print shop.

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Get the word out or better yet let ArkBM. While we don't guarantee false promises, we do guarantee realistic results. We do more then manage your on page and off page SEO. We market you on Social Media, we advertise you on Google PPC and we also manage your Social Media accounts. When can we start driving business to you?

Marketing Done


Does your business have a marketing plan? Did you know your entire revenue streams could depend on it? Our current sales drive business, but what about future sales? Don't miss a dollar of profit. Call ArkBM

Event Marketing

Is your company throwing a party? Our Event Coordinators will make sure you have a ball. No matter if your supporting a charity or give a speech to your peers. Whatever it is, we'll make it memorable. 

Fine Print

Social & Web Ads

Do your customers know you exist? Could you use some help getting your name out there? Rely on a team of fantastic marketers to equip your small business with a solid local marketing strategy.

Every Event Includes:

  • Invitation & Follow Up
  • RSVP Management
  • Budget Management
  • Manage Set Up / Break Down
  • *Services outside of the above list should be discussed.
  • *Coordination duties to be outlined before event. 
  • *Additional charges may apply for special request.
  • *You are responsible for the staff for set up and breakdown. 
  • *You are responsible for promotions and sales per event. 
  • *You are responsible for your own fees attached to the event.
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Running your company while building your business can be tough. That's why we pride ourselves on relieving that stress, by assigning a team of trained professionals to keep your business on track. Our experts are capable of a wide range of business development, project management, and virtual assistant tasks that are structured to keep you productive.

Consulting Done

Business Strategy

Are you just starting up? Let ArkBM help you name, form and trademark your business today. How about your process or organizational structure?  Either way, ArkBM is here for you.

Brand Strategy

Making sure your brand is perceived correctly and knowing when to extend or update different aspects of it is important. Our branding consultants will help you form a solid strategy.

Virtual Assistants

Could you use a hand? Is your plate overloaded? Have you been trying to figure where to start? Relax, we'll get that done too. Our virtual assistants are here for you to lean on.

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