Our project managers integrate into your sales and support teams to provide a seamless client retention management experience.

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Why Do You Need A Project Manager?


As a provider, customers expect your software to work with their sales teams, help them to acquire new sales and advisement, and build their business.


Busy working on obtaining new clients, your software tends to lose sight of keeping your existing customers satisfied, causing a missed opportunity to resale.


Time costs money, the more your team has to waste time over-convincing customers to purchase your software you begin to underdeliver on expectations.


Building your own PMO can be done, however money, time and additional resources will have to be spent cross-training or used to build a new department.

The Benefits Of Having A Project Manager

Providers are great a selling the software, but not keeping the customer

Understand Needs

Identifying customers' needs, understanding them and adapting your software to meet those needs is extremely important.

Integrate Seamlessly

We know learning curves can be challenging in the integration phase; the last creating a seamless alignment is key.

Create A Plan

What's a project without a plan? Just an idea. We create a customized plan to implement your retention program.

Execute Strategy

Before execution, part of strategizing is due diligence, understanding the data, current resources, and service offering.

Market Your Software

Showing new customers your software, reminding your current ones, and capturing those lost can be difficult.

Provide Recommendations

We not only identify gaps, but we also recommend how to implement solutions and modernize your process.

Our Advantages

Save the expense of building a department; partner with a team equipped to manage relationships and retain customers

Retention Team
Access To Project Data
Control Scope Creep
Vetted Pool of Talent 
Consistant Support

We retention customers for company like this

No matter the software, ArkBM aligns and integrates seamlessly

We aren't associated with these companies, YET!

How Does It All Work?

It's simple, you provide the software, and we manage your customers' retention



We benefit your sales team by becoming an add-on to your sales process, getting customers over the edge.



We assist when it’s time to renew, reinsure confidence, add additional value and keep customers as clients.



Ever lost a lead? Someone unsubscribed or "no show" an appointment? Our goal is to bring those customers back.


Track Sales & Kickback!

Gather data, convert former and existing customers and receive a commission for any new client that starts a project with us.


Perfect Plan for Starters.

Convert closed leads into customers and current customers to repeated ones

Get Started
Gather data
Convert Customers
No-Private Labeling
Commission Pay-outs
Admin tools & Sharing permissions

Perfect Plan for Large Brands.

Do everything in the retention package with the bonus of keeping your brand first

Get Started
Save hours & Reduce headaches
Preserve relationships
Secure the bag!
Commission Pay-outs
 Custom integrations are available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for providers who has a sales and support teams, who want to retain customers, but would like to avoid the cost of creating a customer retention department. 

How do we market this?

Marketing is an essential tool to bring awareness to your software. We provide a tailored experience on how your software can be marketable.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We understand that your data and customer informations is extremely confidential. No need for access to your data. You keep the list, just integrate us.

Will you onboard our current team?

We completely understand our Retain Plan is a new concept for most software providers. We will walk you and your team through the entire strategy and advise you on deploying and announcing our partnership.